Kratom in urine

Hello, I was searching all over and cannot find a solid answer. Does anyone know how long kratom is detectable in urine for? My court is trying to send me to jail over taking it. I stopped yesterday but have court this coming Monday and am stressing hard about it. Thanks

Are they testing you Monday? Are you sure they will try to test for Kratom? I don't have an exact answer as I don't think there is one. Depends on body fat, hydration, and many other factors but if you're a daily user I'd guess you'd need a good week to be safe while drinking plenty of fluids to help flush the system. There's someone else here that worked at a testing lab and probably has a better answer.

They've been testing me for about a week now without my knowledge, I just found out through my lawyer today. I've seen the half-life is supposedly 7 hours but other places are saying 24. Was hoping someone else may have experience. I know it's a rare thing to be tested for but here in NY it's apparently a problem

If they are testing for Mitragyna specifically then the shortest time for it to clear your system is generally 2 weeks. It can take longer depending on a variety of things like; weight, metabolism, activity level, hydration level, etc. Two weeks is the generally accepted average.

To test specifically for Kratom would be very rare unless that is exactly what they suspect and want to get you on. It's very expensive to test for Kratom and not too many labs do it. If it's just a normal piss test, you'll be fine.

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