Stupid coroner

Dear Bluewolf:

I realize how frustrating it is to read articles like this; however, remember this about the media...they are not necessarily paragons of truth, they are trying to sell their publications. Hence you have the expression, 'If it bleeds, it leads'.

For some irrational, but no doubt financial and political reason, Kratom is under attack in the United States. Having read your story about '9 years on Vicodin to Kratom', I realize what a miracle compound this has been for you. You should take a few minutes today to FELL VERY GOOD ABOUT OVERCOMING YOUR ADDICTION. I, for one, am very proud of you as you should be of yourself.

Having said that, one of the comments to the article was very scientifically precise and I would encourage you to take heart in the fact that the science is DEFINITELY ON OUR SIDE. I would point you to the comment that begins:

Recent research has suggested that the LD-50 of Kratom is equivalent to more than 2 kilograms. Ingesting such an amount within one day would require time and dedication, and would result in a severe intestinal blockage. If one was to mix 2 kilograms into a tea, assuming 6 grams of high quality Kratom are mixed into 8 ounces of liquid, it would result in 17.857 gallons, or 67.596 liters. ... (HE HAS LOTS MORE TO SAY, IF YOU READ HIS COMMENTS AT THE www.skyhinews..... or if you go to his web page)
--- Brandon Gaggini

The LD-50 is the median lethal dosage, that is the dosage that, in and of itself, would cause death in 50 of 100 people (i.e. 50% of the people, 49 would die with less and 50 would require more). You can read his comments and see that they appear to generally align with the brilliant doctors and research scientists that the AKA has working for our cause. I am not a biochemist at all, but I can understand what I read and the alignment of facts seems pretty good.

The science is definitely on our side. Take heart in that.

The odd thing about this phenomenon about attributing Kratom to the 40+ deaths is that there have been commingling factors in each one.

Again, I know this is frustrating as all 'get out'; however, our best response is to always fall back on the science and trust in our AKA compatriots. Don't let the noise frustrate you. When I say that to you Bluewolf, I am reminding myself of that, because I let myself get all upset when I read these articles myself. That is why I wanted to reach out to you today and give you a perspective of which I always have to remind myself.

Finally, you have my utmost respect on your winning of the opiate war! I had my upper jaw rebuilt in 2015 and was on opiates much of the year. I continued to teach classes most of that year after I could get fitted with dentures that could allow me to talk, but I had a real rough time coming off the Vicodin, so I can relate to your battle. YOU HAVE MY RESPECT AND ADMIRATION!!!!!


It shocks me at how some people blindly cut down Kratom without even looking at the evidence.

Thank you for your fantastic response and comment @the_professor. You said everything I could say even better.

See, it not just me, Professor. Your posts are a real pleasure for all of us 0_1548901144837_smile.png


Hello Robin:

Thank you for your kind words. I have been meaning to get back with you and have been delayed until today.

Please take care,

@the_professor oh I love this response!

@ska oh I LOVE educated responses. Ones with understanding, compassion, and teaches at the same time