*Welcome to our community, Lisa* ... ![0_1551046938443_wave.2.gif](
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Leaves save lives! As a whole we must do everything we can to protect this plants and protect our right to consume it
@lisafly Yes, they do & it is a real pleasure to meet another passionate kratom advocate. You have come to the right place because ALL of us in the AKA community are dedicated, determined & as passionate as you are about our precious Leaf. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, ok? ![0_1551047296694_flirt.gif](
@lisafly I agree with you, lisafly, this Leaf has saved my life as well as many others here. We must all come together to save this remarkable Leaf that has saved so many.
Hello @lisafly it's very good to see you in here. Yes, it is a life changing experience, that's for sure! I wish that I knew about it long ago!