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The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article, "Chester County family sues Kratom distributor for wrongful death of son."

The Philadelphia Inquirer removed the information that the young man died from a fatal heart attack.

There is a discussion ongoing here as well

A reminder - regardless of how we feel about the lawsuit, this is still a family of human beings dealing with a tragedy. If you do decide to contact the journalist or publication or comment on the article (here is the live link), please remember to be respectful and provide information to counter inaccurate claims - the same way we do when contacting legislators. Don't try to contact the family directly. Their mind is made up and attempts to communicate directly will do more harm than good for kratom and for the community.

Please keep the discussion about the situation and lawsuit. Since this article is about the family suing the vendor, obviously the vendor is mentioned in the article but please don't take the convo in the sourcing directions - no discussing their product, owners, payments, customer service, etc.

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