So I work a security gig in the industrial park. Just finishing up a graveyard shift when I get a call from the girl who is supposed to releive me. Says she got a nasty stomach virus thats been going around and cant make it in. This is 1 hour before shift change. Told my boss I cant stay.

Now we are short staffed and have no one to cover, lord knows bossman isnt going to stay for another 16 hours.

I ran out of kratom a day or two ago and primarily use it for work.

So if we cant get anyone to come in, He is picking me it up and dropping it off for me. Told him it'll give me the energy to finish the whole day!

He says that would be no problem at all!


I personally got quite a kick out of this lol just thought id share that i got a cool as boss and a shit hole job lol

at least I'll have some kratom though!


Update: its 9am. Hes coming at 10am with 3 oz of kratom, pack of newports and food since i cant leave my position. Fuck yea!!

Update 10am: boss dropped off smokes a 12 inch sub and my bag of kratom. Plus getting 16 hours of time and a half :)

Hes like "what is this shit? Do u mix it with water?" I told him its in the coffee family and provides amazing energy lol also it tastes like shit. He laughed with a nah im good lol

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