I've been taking small doses for the ~past month... I usually dose about a 1/2 tsp once a day and I feel about as dependent on it as I do on coffee... but if I skip a day I don't feel withdrawal or panicked about not having it, and boy does it make my life so much more happy and productive.

I'm a first year Ph.D. student and the stress and anxiety built up so much that I honestly felt like I wasn't living. I was crying all the time and in constant panic mode. I felt like the shell of a person. My new years resolution was to begin taking care of my mental health.

I started talk therapy and reluctantly began taking an SSRI until I'm able to get back up on my feet. Honestly, these things have helped a lot and I recommend everyone try out talk-therapy at least! My intense anxiousness had greatly subsided and things were overall better, but I began dealing with these depressive episodes. I didn't really enjoy my work and the things that I used to. My therapist said I was making progress and that the anxiety was covering up these deeper issues, but it was still really hard to stay motivated with these feelings.

I decided to try Kratom to see if it would at least help my productivity. Long story short, it did. One dose would put me in a better mood, help me complete my work, and leave my feeling satisfied at the end of the day. As time went on, I continued to have more days like this and even when I didn't dose, I still felt really good and accomplished. Kratom really helped pull me out of a slump.It has been like a rope thrown to me at the bottom of a dark hole.

I hope it continues to stay accessible.

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