So as you may know I posted yesterday about my kratom tea experience. Today I did some things different. First I ran to the dollar store and bought some white socks. One was a thicker pair and one was a thinner “athletic” pair. I used the thinner pair to filter my kratom. It worked out BEAUTIFULLY. I did some math (HAH more like I winged that shit and hoped for the best), 12 grams of kratom and I made two doses, 6oz each. It was very strong and potent and much darker than yesterday as I made more of a full glass. I just can’t drink a ton of it at once though so 3 sips of the 6oz for me was perfect! Then I used the “sludge” and made a second batch with a cup of water this time. So another good, strong 8oz dose. The color was consistent with the first batch so I’m thinking I did ok! I just downed my first dose. I’m guessing it was about 6grams but I’m new at this and my math skills are sub par, lol. But the sock method worked much better for me than just paper towels and there was minimal mess except for my amateur ass screwing things up. It’ll be a little while until I feel the effects, but this process was really exciting to me and I can’t wait to try experimenting with different sweeteners and combining teas for a better taste. (Someone said to use a raspberry tea and steep it with the kratom for a better flavor.)

So anyone who is on the fence about making tea, try it! I’m a complete amateur when it comes to tea making, but this has been a fun and successful experience. No more drinking the nasty plant matter and getting sick from it. Yay!

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