I've noticed lately a few people in here seem to not believe that the "less is more" concept is true. I personally felt that way for a while too - that it just didnt apply to me. But what ive found lately (and to many people this may be obvious) is that simply taking smaller doses is not enough - it's all about the frequency and spacing out doses as much as possible. For example, you can go from 25 grams a day to 12, but if youre doing that by taking the first dose at noon and then several more before 6pm, youre basically re-dosing all day pretty frequently, so you're always "on it," even if you've cut the dose sizes down a bit. But if you start giving yourself 4-5 hours or more between doses, thats when less in total for the day starts to be more effective. Simply cutting your dose sizes down to start with of course is not going to feel like "more." But if you take your normal dose sizes, just less frequently, then youll start to see it work within a few days. And THEN you can start cutting dose sizes a bit.

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