u/xpoloroidx posted a story about her "Kratom Angel" helped her and said she would like to hear my similar story.

So my story will starts here....


I was locked up for possession of heroin and cocaine. I had blacked out at the gas station with a rig in my arm. My car was towed which was my home at the time. I was 38 years old with a habit that was old enough to buy smokes at 18 years old. I have struggled with opiates since a back injury at 20 years old. I was in a dark place. My family disowned me, lost my wife of 14 years. Was now homeless, my girlfriend of the time decided she would rather have an abortion then have a child grow up with an addiction problem as she lost her father to alcohol. I was not allowed to see my child and my family had written me off as a lost cause. I spiraled further down the rabbit hole till that day I wound up being locked up.

I finally got out of jail and within 4 hours I had already overdosed on heroin laced with fentanyl. I awoke in the back of an EMS after three shots of narcan and a shot of adrenaline to the heart to see my mother crying. I had found a new low in my life. I looked as bad as I felt at 6"0 tall weighing at only 155 pounds. The only color to my skin was the dark circles around my eyes as I was still using while locked up. I had someone sending in Suboxne to me while locked up.

So they discharged me the next morning and I noticed they did find the dope I had in my pocket. I didn't want to use and pleaded for someone to get me from the hospital but alas no one would but who could blame them? So I started to walk with nothing but a bag of dope and fought to not use it.

Well on my journey I stumbled upon a new shop in town that specialized in Kratom sales. I stumbled in there sick as all hell. I had used Kratom before to fill the void till I could cop some more drugs. So I went in not knowing why as I knew I was broke, well I knew why I wanted a place to shoot what I had left.

Then this man which we will call Gary asked how I was and he said well I know how you are as I have been there as well. This man spoke to me like I was a human being again!! Something I had not felt in a very long time. And he hands me a vial of Kratom extract. Tells me the dosage I should use. I was shocked, why would anyone be nice to me? I'm a scumbag that has let everyone including myself down. I proceed to take the dose and something came over me.

I asked if he would do me a favor and help me not make another bad choice. I told him my story I have just told you all and how I had the dope that landed me in the hospital still in my pocket. I asked if he would flush it for me as I could not bring myself to do it. He kindly said it would be his pleasure which took me by surprise as I figured he would just toss me out and call the cops.

Instead he offers me a trade, my dope for a half a kilo of Kratom if I gave him my word I would use it to get clean. This man knew my story, knew I had let everyone down in using myself. Why would he try to help me? He slowly told me his story about how Kratom saved him from the same dark life I was walking everyday. I couldn't help but cry, something I haven't done since the birth of my child ten years prior.

I took his Kratom and happily gave him my bag. I felt something again I hadn't felt in a long time, a sense of pride. I was going to turn over a new leaf. I was going to be the son, father, friend I had longed to be I lost so long ago. I left and wished him well then proceeded to find a treatment center. The Kratom kicked in and I felt alive, no longer a slave to the needle.

So here we are today, I haven't used any opiates since that day. I have put on 65 pounds, work out several times a week. I am allowed to see my daughter who told me "Daddy I'm so glad you don't need your medicine anymore so you can come see me at cheerleader camp and come to my soccer games" my family is starting to come back around and I can slowly see the man I was supposed to be final emerging from the shadows.

During this time I got a spiral fracture in my ankle and two more breaks as well. The doctor despite me putting my problem with addiction tried to give me a script of sixty 30mg Roxicodne which I was so proud to say no thank you it would make me relapse despite him telling me if I took it as needed I wouldn't have an issue. I still said no firmly something the old me would have never done. Psssshh a free excuse to use? Old me would have jumped at the opportunity. But now I wouldn't dream of it. I could deal with some pain after all the suffering I had caused to those that still love me.

So I called the guy that gave me that Kratom and treated me like a human when no one else would despite knowing how terrible I thought I was. He was proud of me but not as proud as I felt simply hearing those words come from his mouth "I knew you had it in you all along...."


For those that would care to see here is my mugshot upon arrest for possession of heroin and cocaine. Only weighed 155


Here I am now fit and clean!! Now I'm up to 220 and feeling better at 38 then I did at 21!!


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