Stupid title but I just wanted to talk about what happened today.

I went to my usual smoke shop to pick up a tiny bottle of Kratom because I couldn't afford my usual amount and I take it to help with addiction and pain. I walked in and talked to the owner for a bit and he went and grabbed my usual bottle (caps) and I had to tell him I needed the smaller bottle because I didn't have enough.

This man put my normal amount back and gave me the largest bottle of Kratom FOR FREE. He told me he knows how much I need it and how much I've grown since I started taking it and it was the least he could do since I always brighten his day when I come in (we talk for about an hour each time and I've brought him homemade cookies for holidays and his birthday).

Y'all I started crying. This man is getting a large batch of cookies next week.

Edit: AHHHH thank you so much for the gold, u/JeepGirlinKS!!!!

Edit 2: this has picked up some traction and I just want to thank all of y'all for being so kind and supportive! There is so much love and positivity in the world that can be found in the most unlikely of places!

Always be excellent to each other❤️

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