Haven’t seen a less is more post in a few hours so I wanted to kick off the gospel and spread the good word here again.

Used to take an ounce a day and now I take a tenth of a gram 3x per day.

Let me tell you right now, I am floored at how strong kratom is at .1 grams. Regardless of your drug use history, body weight or physiology ..you should be taking less like me. Any more than half a gram and you’re doing it wrong.

My burns last for 8hrs and I am still as horny as a 19yr old watching porn hub.

I cut my oblate discs into sections now like subs in prison. Really getting my money’s worth here. I have 17 lifetimes worth of Mitragyna and how can you compete with that? Try to flex on me, I dare you! My cat takes more than I do

TL;DR: less is more

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