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Rules are anything Kratom related belongs here!
Your voice is needed W.H.O.

@roadkill Thanks for posting this 'must watch'.  The FDA is a pseudo-science political trashy agency,  bought for by big pharma, and needs reigning in or needs to be decommissioned!

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July Kratom Watchdog Competition

Congrats to the winners! 🎈🎉🎊🍾 

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Hey guys, its come to my atten

Ay @Martin-Bravek you should also post this in your groups page and the vendors section!

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Kynto April Competition!

Thank you everyone that joined us for the Easter Competition! It was a blast! We had 8 winners and almost everyone that came won something. We want to continue the energy so we will be running a competition on 04/18 6pm est. - 8pm est

We will play several mazes, musical chairs, quiz games, raffles, tag, and much more. Click here to see the official competition page!

Room Information
Room Name: The Little Garden
Room Owner: Guywithtrees


Mazes, photo caption contest, math games, musical chairs, quiz, number games, tag , and much much more!

RulesOne entry per person, no multiple users of other accounts – This will be checked.Telling/spamming others the answers in the room will result in disqualification.Prizes will be given out exclusively in Kynto only. “No Purchase Necessary”“Purchase does not enhance chance of winning”“Void where prohibited” You must be 21 or older to enter

Official Rules:
“No Purchase Necessary”
“Purchase does not enhance chance of winning”
“Void where prohibited” You must be 21 or older to enter
Suggested retail value
You must be 21 to enter , live in the mainland United States , Void where prohibited by law.
**On 4/21/21 will be chosen and notified
Judging - Will be determined by random number generator, Contestants will be in numerical order as entries are received
Method of selecting a winner- Total number of entries will be entered into a random generator. Winner will be chosen automatically by a random generator. 
All contestants reserve the right to privacy and no information from any contestant will be used in any manner by kratom watchdog except to use as contact for the winning prize..
Publicity rights regarding use of Participant’s information (sponsor should obtain written consent from Entrant to ensure compliance with state laws)
Liability limitations- Kratom Watchdog is in no way assumes any liability of the product prize
Odds of winning -Odds depends on number of entries.
Facebook is in no way shape or form responsible or affiliated with this contest. Good Luck!:)

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Hey you, yes you!

I’m loving this app mix! What’s the right word for apps overlapping? Not mix, I bet! LOL

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