Not to happy plants!

I can't seem to upload photos either....

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Rules are anything Kratom related belongs here!
(UPDATED) Kratom Vendor Review - 22 Vendors

@archqueen as a follow up I did receive my package with no dramas whatsoever. I had purchased a white and now have a green on the way. The white is ok...have certainly had better but it's not bad. Either way here in Australia we really don't have many options so I am simply grateful for having some in the first place.  

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Please help!

@chasz-eats-kratom🤔 I get more mercury from tuna, and lead from eating paint chips, than I ever could with that kratom. 😁

 the next generation is coming soon..  real soon ..

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Hey you, yes you!

I’m loving this app mix! What’s the right word for apps overlapping? Not mix, I bet! LOL

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