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    @guywithtrees, No I have not been able to find a way to post normally. The old "+" sign at the bottom of the page worked great, but not it's gone.

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  • PaulKemp PaulKemp

    Watch This Story of a Mother's Regret Before Deciding

    If you haven't seen This Video interview, you need to see it before you allow your child or grandchild to be vaccinated.

    Why are parents "taking a chance" that could destroy their child's health with an unnecessary injection with an experimental drug for a disease (COVID-19) that can be effectively treated by several safe methods (which are being suppressed to keep you from knowing about them, as you can see HERE.)

    Look up Eric Clapton's story of losing his ability to play guitar after injection with this experimental drug -- it's not even a "vaccine" by the usual definition.

    Do your research and think hard about this decision, before you play Russian Roulette with your child's future... or your own.

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    Jun 16, 2021

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  • PaulKemp PaulKemp

    Dr. Fauci Puts a Human Face on the Pharmaceutical Octopus' Plandemic

    A battle is occurring for the soul of America and many other of the world's nations. This new book tells the story. It will be released on September 7, 2021, to give us "The Big Picture" view of Fauci's role in the greatest crime in history... for those who survive it.

    Many little clues, like this one are only available -- buried in the Vaccine Adverse Event Report data -- and, apparently, not worthy of study by the CDC/BigPharma juggernaut that is busily trying to enlist every man, woman, and child in their population reduction program.

    Such an interesting time to be alive!

    Many of the "walking wounded" portion of our population are waking up -- through their memories of how the pharmaceutical industry let them, or their children, down with campaigns promoting new, unnecessary "blockbuster" drugs like the opioid family, the multiple vaccines inflicted on children as a requirement for attending public schools, and the statin drugs' unnecessary attack on our body's natural production of cholesterol.

    Robert F. Kennedy's upcoming book will soon be available for us to help in our understanding of the great scam that has been used to terminate the lives of many of our old, ill, and no-longer-affordable grandparents and family friends through the excuse of a mystery "global pandemic" that -- if it were allowed to be treated effectively would have been hardly more than an annual flu epidemic.

    Americans, the French (my largest foreign audience), and the rest of the world needs to understand the how and the WHY this epidemic has been mis-managed by Dr. Fauci and others, who most assuredly should know better.

    Am I overstating what I and many far more credible observers, like Dr. Peter McCullough have found to be true? I don't think so.

    We, if we intend to survive this Pharmaceutical Industry-led project, need to be the judge of the horror that is methodically taking place, just as it did in Nazi Germany, but on a global scale. Hopefully, this time we will learn from this grand deception and prosecute the perpetrators, ALL of them.

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  • PaulKemp PaulKemp

    If you US vendors need processing, contact Cannapaid. My sources say they are the best, have been helping the cannabis industry for a while, successfully.  

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  • will will


    Hey welcome to KWD. Awesome what is your background with Kratom? I built a website for the AKA during the 2016 ban threat that generated thousands of responses and testimonials you can view some of them at (

    Do you have a website?

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  • PaulKemp PaulKemp

    When Will Congress & the FDA Learn from Past Failures of Prohibitions?

    This article tells the humorous (and often tragic) story of the many historical failures of prohibitions over the centuries. The first half of the article is worth a quick read to learn the drastic punishments that were used to prevent the spread of coffee use -- and, as we see today, these efforts failed and people eventually learned to moderate their use of this herbal drink.

    The story about how the original formula of the classic American beverage, Coca Cola gained market domination (and perhaps fueled the nation's vigorous growth in world commerce) is also instructive.

    The tragic part of the story of repeated prohibitions of alcohol and popular herbal drugs comes later in the article, linked above, as jails across the nation were filled largely with parents who became criminals, merely because they enjoyed using a forbidden substance.

    To be fair, we have seen Congress come to the support of helping prevent the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) from using their emergency powers for criminalize the herb kratom in 2016 at the urging of the FDA.

    So, it may be inaccurate to imply they haven't learned from the failures of prohibitions, but -- doesn't Congress have a role in overseeing the activities of the FDA?

    Kratom has become a Billion dollar industry in the U.S. because it serves multiple needs for the public. For most of the uses kratom serves, it produces far less evidence of harm than legal alcohol (or painkillers like acetaminophen) and has helped many millions relieve the chronic pain and emotional issues that drove them to the use of prescription opioids. Aren't these evidence of a significant benefit to society?

    The major importers and sellers of kratom have also largely adopted Good Manufacturing Practices and are working to police their own industry, but they receive no thanks from the FDA.

    It would appear that the herb kratom is here to stay and the vast majority of the mature adults who use it do so responsibly, so wouldn't it make sense for Congress to exert some oversight over the FDA's factually-unsupported whisper campaign to Law Enforcement Officials in small communities (and some large cities) around the country?

    Locking more of the public in jail cells, just because they prefer to use an herb that the National Institutes of Health and National Institute on Drug Abuse are finding is safer and poses minimal risk of addiction doesn't make policy sense and would appear to be counterproductive.

    In recognition of the failures of past prohibitions, why are we pursuing yet another one -- especially of an herb that has so much potential to benefit the public's wellbeing?

    Wouldn't it be more sensible to factually educate the public about safe use of this herb, rather than drive it underground and create another profit center for the criminal cartels?

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  • PaulKemp PaulKemp

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