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Increasingly, Some Public Figures Are Demonstrating There's No Good Reasons for "Lockdowns"

Finally, some good news on COVID19 is coming out of California & Washington, DC! This is so refreshing!

First, there's this good news, out of Placer County, California, which demonstrates that lifting the state of emergency didn't cause an increase in COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, but did just the opposite!

More good news came from our nation's capitol, when Dr. Scott Atlas revealed in a public briefing, with extensive scientific references, information which directly refuted the CDC's Dr. Robert Redfield.

It is amusing that some of my readers want to believe the CDC representative -- advocating the continued use of face-masks, rather than the science-backed news that many of our population are already showing immunity to COVID19, due to their previous exposure to other, similar coronaviruses!

This should be good news, similar to when actual scientific research shows that kratom, for example, is not the deadly opioid the FDA says it is.

We need to remember that spokesmen for the pharmaceutical industry, such as Dr. Redfield and Dr. Scott Gottlieb, stick to Big Pharma's narrative, so why should they become credible in this case?

This whole COVID19 staged production has been done for the sake of Big Pharma's profits -- at the cost of thousands of lives, a huge loss of public freedom, and further puts Big Pharma in the driver's seat for the future -- if we, the people, don't bring commonsense back into our public conversation.

In the coming months, we should expect to see the results from the damage to our economy from this exercise in shifting even more power to the liability-free pharmaceutical industry, if we don't support those political & medical leaders who are waking us from this bad dream and advocating an end to lockdowns, masks, contact-tracing, and widespread vaccination .

Big Pharma and her minions in too many legislatures already have too much power over our freedom of choice. Let's not give her any more by willingly submitting to her evil plans for us.

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Sep 24, 2020
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@Laurie Glad to hear you and your BF got through this safely!

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Transhumanism -- Getting More than We Bargained for in a Vaccine

One aspect of the new crop of vaccines that hasn't been widely discussed is their use of nano-particles and gene-modifying RNA technology.

Actually, there's much more of the promoters' of these vaccines envisioned future that has not been publicly discussed and made clear. Today, I want to simply open the conversation we should be having over what promises to be a major, non-reversible change in human life for those who receive these gene-modifying vaccines.

Did you know, for instance, that there is a U.S. Transhumanist Party, with its own candidates for President/Vice-President? I didn't.

This strikes me as a deep rabbit-hole, which I don't have time to dive into, but it does seem to go off on a whole new tangent that ignores all the existing research showing that most diseases and even birth defects are the result of nutritional deficiencies, not germs or defective genes -- Epigenetics.

Ah, but there isn't the huge profit-potential in correcting the nutrient deficiencies in our mass-produced, increasingly patented-GMO food supply, so the chemical and pharmaceutical industries -- and their partners in hightech media -- would rather you not think about this.

Simple nutritional supplements and human-health-improving plants will remain the domain of Naturopathic physicians such as Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden, who hold that the human body is a self-repairing organism when that body has all the nutrients it needs.

Transhumanism isn't content with being a fully healthy human. This is something we really need to talk about before we allow it to be forced upon us by vaccination with a gene-altering mRNA technology, with unknown long-term side-effects.

Another aspect of this headlong rush into forcing Transhumanism onto an unsuspecting populace is the new associated economic plan, which seems to involve using the massive unemployed population to provide biological data to give Artificial Intelligence the data base with which to more effectively market products to us -- perhaps at an emotional level, bypassing our rational faculties.

For more info on where Bill Gates and his associates want to take us, look at this discussion by Sherri Tenpenny, MD, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., about the vast changes that are being put in place -- largely without our permission.

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Hey Pete can you post some pics updates? I'm curious to see if any of your pods were successfully fertilized.

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Great work on this vid