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  • will will

    Must smell awesome.

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  • will will

    awesome wasn't too sure if anyone was going to see this post.

    Roadkill I know that you like the unread feed as it is now. Just subject and last reply right?

    For everyone else do you want an option to see the feed with the post and comments like how I had it setup preciously? I would keep the categories as the default homepage, but give you an option to switch unread or recent as your default.

    I'll fix up the images. Before I had if programmed to open up only on the app. I've been holding off on doing any iOS updates specifically because of the hard time I had getting Kynto thru recently. Funny enough KWD was accepted on my first attempt but I'm scarred by my last experience. 

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  • will will

    Hey guys

    I've been working on some exciting projects in the Kratom industry. Mainly intergration credit cards for vendors thru a new crypto based processer.

    Now that my work load is starting to lighten up I'd like to get some feedback on KWD..

    1. Do you prefer the old feed or the current setup

    2. When you look for posts on KWD do you click unread, recent or do you scroll down the homepage

    Lets get KWD back in action. Please leave any feedback you can or pm/ email me.

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  • will will

    peteypyro to the core 😆

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  • will will

    The banana trees are two years old and productive!

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