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@will thank you for your past and present work. I have no doubt the AKA was founded with the best of intentions.

The current incarnation has me very concerned. Regardless of whether they are still acting with the best of intentions, if they are successful their actions will lead to fewer choices and higher prices. And to be honest, I’m not convinced Kratom will be any safer, or even remain legal.

Rather than harassing small vendors with “snitch” programs, shipping dilemmas, and threatening legal action through the KCPA, I would prefer they spend their time and money funding research and educating consumers and vendors.

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My entire working career has been supplemented by Kratom (got hit on a motorcycle at 18).

What caused you symptoms?

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What do you think will help get others over here? What sort of message should we send out?

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as a former board member and cto I wouldn't send them a dime. 

They ejected anyone that actually consumed kratom or switched them into contractors (Angie and robin I'm looking at you). They removed me for pursuing this app. Despite my tree farm and work with local universities to study this tree!

but when you look at what they have achieved as an orgization you can see the potential power for good. It's definitely a tough one for me. 

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I didn’t think it was even legal there. Would love to try some hydro leaf, is the bar in the Tampa/St Pete area?

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Had a brief chat with Shaun from Fused Flora. 

He's tried around 30 different batches/suppliers. He said Hirsuta has a low ceiling and is very hard to get dialed in. It’s also very course so you should use a scale. Hard to say what amount is best for you, but he takes 3.5 grams, gets wobbles at 3.8 grams, and no effects at 3 grams. It’s a very small window. 

Thanks for posting about this. I’ve been seeing more and more people talking about hirsuta recently, many complaining about issues after taking too much. Hopefully this helps others avoid what you went through. 

And please get a scale, there’s really no way of knowing how much you’re taking without one. Even plain kratom powder varies in density, especially with the new nano grinds becoming popular.  Amazon has a bunch around $10.