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Here are some external resources that I’ve found helpful. 

Double M Herbals Vendor and Strain Reviews

Fall/Winter 2020 Vendor List

I’ve tried a few of the vendors discussed on Double M, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

If you have Discord, Neverland is one of the few remaining useful Kratom servers. Also MeWe has plenty of vendors and Kratom related discussion. I’m guessing Facebook does too, but I’m not a fan.

@will @guywithtrees hope it’s ok to post links to other sites. If not I’ll delete the post. 

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New article by UF’s Dr. McCurdy.

Implies that freshly picked leaves may have less abuse potential due to the lack of 7-hydroxymitragynine. 

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Not too far off from what I'm seeing here. They are definitely resilient though.

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Grapefruit inhibits a liver enzyme (CYP3A4) responsible for metabolizing drugs. Many drugs come with warnings to avoid grapefruit when using the drug. 

Some people use it to potentiate effects. When the enzyme is inhibited it breaks down more slowly increasing the concentration in the blood stream. This causes the effects and duration of the drug to be increased. 

The theory is that if it works for drugs such as opiates, that it should work for kratom alkaloids as well. 

There’s newer research, however, that suggests it may do the opposite. Turns out the enzyme is also responsible for converting Kratom’s weaker mitra alkaloid into the stronger 7ohm alkaloid.

So...maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t. I’ve read numerous posts discussing kratom potentiators and they seem to be a mixed bag. Best advice that everyone agrees on is getting some exercise, plenty of sleep, and staying well hydrated will produce the best effects. 

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Welcome @UserName!

You came to the right place, lots of knowledgeable members here. 

When growing in a container, especially when they’re smaller, I’ve had success using fabric pots, good quality soil, and liquid fertilizers that contain primary, secondary, and micro nutrients.  

Adjusting the pH of water and nutrients to around 5.5 to 6 is also important. Plants prefer a more acidic environment and that pH range is ideal for nutrient uptake. 

A sunny location is good but they do enjoy a little shade, especially on hot days.

I like Fox Farms Ocean Forest for soil and their Grow Big and Big Bloom for nutrients. Really any products that cannabis growers use when the plant is in the vegetative phase should work well. Amazon sells the General Hydroponics pH kit with everything you need to adjust pH.

Do be careful with quality soils, they generally have enough nutrients to last a few weeks and can burn a plant if extra nutrients are added to early. As far as nutrients, best to start low and work your way up depending on how the plant responds.

I’m in north Broward. Nice to see a fellow south Floridian here.

Hers the cutting I received in July 2019

And this is her now

South Florida’s a great place to grow Kratom.

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@peteypyro said:

@pete2000      an alert to the dangers of lizards falling out of trees..🦎🐊🦖

 Hahahahaha. If the sharks don’t get ya, the falling coconuts will. And if not the coconuts, then it’ll be the lizards. It’s a dangerous state lol. 

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@peteypyro said:

<p>Nice pete2000. Did you have warnings about 'falling lizards' due to the cold spell?</p><p>🦎🦖🐊🐲🦎</p>

 Lol, haven’t seen that warning recently down here.