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@peteypyro What is flagging is that customers are playing my videos on my sales website at a strong rate and youtube does not want that so they either delete my videos or age restrict them. 

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@guywithtrees. bump. 

maybe we code word it MiTrAGynA $pEcIoUSA from now on.?? lol 🤔

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@will said:

 Scott Gottlieb's wet dream <<<

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Burning a virtual Kratom forest 

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@roadkillTrue, I pinched my clones at each foot they grew. They seem to have 2 or 4 big trunks. 

          ONE plant, big and wide...easier to pick. 

    they lost leaves from frost, but lots of trunks are more visible.  

       I like big bushes,  and I can not lie

  Pinch them bushes good. Pinch 'em often.  

It's just like voting. 

     Do it early, 

     do it often.

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@peteypyro lmao yah I'd say stick with the paper bag method. I know it works. 

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I've successfully dried herbs in my car before.  Heard you can put them in a zippered pillow case cover,  and toss in the clothes dryer for a while too. Careful though, seriously. 

( ganja, not kratom (yet)  lol