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pro tip

If you prune early, and force branching every 3rd node... 

 you'll have a squat but bushy plant.  they may be more prone to branches breaking off, but I can't climb 100 foot trees anymore. 😁
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Thank you, Paul. 

  There are lots of questions that the people have, that will have to be answered after this scamdemic calms down. You have raised some great questions here.  We must demand answers and hold those accountable who are responsible for the 'reaction' to this 'plandemic'. 

  Our government now rules rather than governs. They never let a good crisis ( real or fabricated ) become a wasted opportunity to deny more of our God given rights as described in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights......   imho 🤔

  There is a reason why many are choosing to grow their own kraton, and it goes beyond just knowing the provenance of their medicine.  It goes beyond even concern for the price for their medicine. It comes down to being their damn right to control what they choose to put into their  bodies (like natural herbs), and what they choose to NOT put into their bodies!  (like an untested potentially very dangerous and probably evil  big~pharma vaccine)

     Just like the FDA, DEA, and the rest of the den of vipers' alphabet soup agencies,   you just can't trust them, never could, and never will..........imo

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what do you guys think? I could definitely see how we could benefit from this. But I do think they have a monopoly on the industry and need to be broken up. Especially seeing as they do not pay taxes and do not have competition.

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@will hahahhahaha nice one

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If you’re looking for crushed leaf there’s not much around. Here’s a few I found that claim to have it in stock.

Never ordered anything from Greg’s or Krabot. I did pick up some MD Ultra powder from Harry at KOG last year and very much enjoyed it. At various times he’s been members only, but seems to be open to new customers now. 

If you’re actually looking for course grind and not crushed, TFH is the only vendor I’ve seen who had a some. He’s not accepting new members now, but occasionally does open events.

I’m guessing crushed leaf is bulkier and costs more to ship so it’s not available as much. Looks like all the vendors are on the nano grind bandwagon these days. 

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Im going to give you your own area and call it the room. 

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this has been something to build this out. It's main function is to show others the dangers of deforestation, and encourage virtual seeding and planting in game which happens to be multiplayer.

All too often the real effects of kratom regulation on actual trees is left out of the debate entirely. 

Should be fun to explore, at the very minimum it will be a place to have instantaneous chat, and it will be somewhat integrated into this app, so you won't have to install anything extra!