For six years I've been struggling with opiate addiction. Starting rather young, at 15, on heroin. after two years of being horribly dope sick every day of my life, I went to my first methadone clinic and remained on it for a year and a half. My first experience getting off it was dark and terrible. I was sick for an entire month and ended up in the ER from heart complications. I was clean ten months before my inevitable relapse (people, places and things guys! Change that shit). The second time around I ended up back at the methadone clinic after a few months of active use. I began at 30mg and increased by 5mg every day until reaching 70mg. I did not remain on a high dose and immediatly began tapering by 3mg every week, eventually moving up to 5mg a week. The weaning process began getting difficult after reaching 50mg due to the fact I work in a high paced physical warehouse. My back hurt. My heart raced. I was sweating and emotional. After reaching 42mg I jumped off all together and stopped coming to the clinic. That was when I began taking kratom. Originally starting with a strain of yellow borneo, I'd take about 5-8g every four to five hours via homemade capsules or tea from the coffee maker. (Kratom tastes horrible, but you can make it in a coffee maker, just send it through at least twice, not more than three times, to ensure proper potency. I'd just plug my nose and chug it after mixing herbal tea and honey into it.) I am a small person, only about 108 lbs. Experiment with dosing. You will be pleasantly surprised how much relief you can get. I was taking anti convulsants while I was on methadone. I stopped both at the same time and began having quite a bit of muscle spasms. Kratom would stop it every time. I honestly couldn't tell I was detoxing, I was fully functional, just a little tired, a little weak, a little shakey but not when properly dosed with kratom. My bad habit was not taking it habitually. I recommend taking a set dose at set times through out the day. Don't wait until you begin to feel bad first. Just keep a steady consumption of it. It's been two weeks now and I feel stronger every day. This has been the easiest detox of my life and it used to send me to the ER from how bad symptoms would get. I couldn't breathe, my bones collapsed, I'd be drenched in sweat begging for death. This was easy. I recommend kratom to anyone getting off methadone. submitted by [/u/accasale]( [[link]]( [[comments]](\_methadone\_to\_kratom\_a\_positive\_experience/