Raymond Trayhan
Hi im ray I live in mcalester oklahoma. Im currently working on getting licensed to sell Kratom and open a store. I started using it while in rehab for meth and it saved my life i am a strong advocate for Kratom nation.. Thank u  **_ETA: Please read the rules paying special attention to Rule #14\. Thank You._** _14\. No vendor solicitation or advertising on the Forum. No links to vendor pages, videos, etc. Naming specific vendors will be allowed ONLY thru PM. Any vendor who uses our member list to PM anyone to solicit business will be banned with no notice. This is a safe place for people to learn & share information about kratom, let's keep it so._
Hello, Ray, & welcome …![](https://i.imgur.com/WVL4nYt.gif) It looks like you have a wonderful story so, please, if you are willing, scroll down to our "Your Story" forum & share it. I never get tired of reading the kratom success stories & I doubt anybody else here does either. I would urge you to consider the AKA Vendor Program. For more information follow this link: [http://theakaforum.com/Thread?Kratom-Advocacy/AKA-Announcements/Aka-vendor-program](http://theakaforum.com/Thread?Kratom-Advocacy/AKA-Announcements/Aka-vendor-program) _Please be sure to read thru the rules, ok?_