Disclaimer: I'm not trying to blame kratom or policy about kratom. I live in eastern europe where it is legal and cheap and I like it.

I am daily kratom user and used up to 60 gr per day. (up to 15gr per dose)

I use red Borneo strain.

I decided to seize my kratom usage and used agmatine to lower tolerance so now I use 30gr per day max.

Yesterday I stupidly used 14gr while last few week I use 8gr per dose max.

I read many times that kratom causes insufficient respiratory depression so I believed I am safe.

Kratom effect was very sedating and in half of hour I noticed that it is hard to breathe now. This lasted for few hours then it started to subside.

I already noticed this effect few times but now it was much more extensive probably due to my lowered tolerance.

I didn't scared too much though because I guessed that I can't get into real trouble from 14r.

But is it true?

I suspect that it might be anxiety but I can't say that I was anxious at all, I had just to wait and so I did.

Did you notice respiratory depression from kratom? Of which degree?

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