Maybe you all have heard about some post that said BNN (indonesian DEA) has tried to ban it in Indo, and maybe you have heard about its really critical in here and officers of BNN has said its will put in category 1 as dangerous drugs.

All i want to say is we still fight for kratom legality in here, even AKA will help us to keep it legal in here. Few days ago Mac Haddow comin to Indonesia and give some advice to us. I was joined in management of PEKRINDO (kratom association in indonesia) has tried many ways to prevent all bad statement that comin from goverment (BNN). They just make few statements without any valid research. Even 2 Departmen in Indonesia wants to help us to keep this business. And in the end just dont be panic bcause of some words that said its the end of kratom in Indo. And dont got hooked to make a mass orders.

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