I have been consuming kratom at consistent doses for pain for years now. I've always eaten the powder, toss and wash usually, mixed juice drinks otherwise. I have made tea a handful of times, but every time I brewed it I didn't strain it.

I've got a standard coffee maker, which is way easier than boiling and straining, but is that not efficient?

I brew 3 or 4 passes for each dose in the coffee maker, 3 cups each, so it's at least 3 16oz cups total. If I have time I reduce it on the stove.

I also have tried brewing the regular pot stove way and straining, but I am crippled and using this for pain so it's pretty much not an option most of the time.

I swear I feel like it's simultaneously too strong, too weak, and just overall weird compared to eating the leaves. I thought I needed to lower my dose as I must have been absorbing more of the alkaloids with the tea, but when I did it felt too low.

I feel like I'm always under or over my dose, I feel like I'm wasting what stays in the coffee filter.

I also felt so much worse stomach issues, which is weird because I can toss kratom on an empty stomach and never have any issue.

So uhhhhhh, what?

Should I add lemon? Should I not strain the tea?

Am I missing something here?

I just mixed my normal dose into country time lemonade mix and drank it, and it worked a million times better than the tea.

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