Army Veteran Turned Hippy
Hey everyone, I was told I should introduce myself.  I am Josh, I am a 41 year old retired Army Veteran.  I served 15 years as an Infantryman, three tours and unfortunately my career was cut short by an IED.  Thanks to Uncle Sam, rather than get me the surgery I needed they kept throwing me pain killers and I ended up medically retired as an Opioid addict.  But, thankfully where I live a little plant became legal and that is what helped me get clean from pills.  Luckily I have an amazing wife and daughter who support the crap out of me and together, we have come so far!  But, in order for me to have a decent paying job, I had to search for help elsewhere.  Kratom has given me my life back! I have some in my morning tea and it's a perfect way to get me ready for my morning yoga and off to work! I am very excited to meet more like me and if you are a Veteran, hit me up! Would love to trade stories! Cheers! Josh
Hello Josh & a big Welcome to the forum …  :welcomewave: It is a genuine pleasure to meet you! First, I want to Thank You for your service. From the little bit you have shared it sounds like your sacrifice has cost you dearly. Sadly, I am seeing heartbreaking stories such as yours far too often. My 2nd greatest wish is that ALL of our Army Veterans who come back broken, hurting & in need could know about & have access to our amazing Leaf. My first greatest wish is that I could wish it all away, you know, make it something that NEVER happened. I look forward to getting to know you better & if you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask, ok?
:) Welcome Josh. There are plenty of Vets and others that are discovering kratom as you have as a option for pain and many other maladies. I am glad you have come to share your thoughts and experiences with others. I am sure you have many unique insights due to your past service and history, please feel free to share and join in!