Kratom Hey-O
Hi! My name is Chelsea and I’m from Choctaw, Ok. I am a new kratom user and advocate for its legalization throughout.  I have been  an opioid dependent and then addict for the better part of my 40 years due to chronic pain. This was before any doctor explained its risks in detail.  The drug tolerance was the main issue for me, it always took more to control pain.  I found kratom by accident and it’s changed my life, rerouted so as to not become dependent once again, ending up on a medication to help wean off opioids. This was prescribed after two years of hesitancy a year ago without any other options.  Kratom has given me a choice, one that is mine, and given me my life back without being a pill popper in front of my kids again. A view I was tired of knowing they saw. I have two sons 16 & 12, married 18 years to HS boyfriend I’ve had for 22 years. He helped me time and again through the perils of pain med addiction.  If you are here for this reason, you know the toll that takes, on everyone around  you but there aren’t many options when there is only one choice.  :banghead:
Hello Chelsea, & Welcome to the forum …  :welcomewave: Such a wonderful story & congratulations on your new-found freedom. Kratom truly is a gift.