Hey there!
Hi everyone, loved to join this group. I have been an advocate for Kratom for about ten years, and joined AKA since the start. Used herbal remedies most of my life for all our children and farm animals. I have 9 healthy, unvaccinated children, 8-34 years old,  and a clear understanding about herbal health, and the battle with Big Pharma.  Kratom has been my lifeline. I see the public every day, and this is what gets me through. I no longer have need for drinking, or drugs. I have seen people over and over kick alcoholism, depression and addiction with Kratom, including my own son.  You're gona get full support from me, here. I have written to several State Reps, and have received very favorable replies in my State from both sides of the isle. However it is an ongoing battle on the Federal level.  :( I only buy from trusted suppliers in Indonesia, 5kg at a time. I do not believe in commercialization, and headshop kratom is far inferior from the real thing. I live in the Louisville, KY area, and would like to know other local Kratom advocates. Thanks.  :D
Hello Tom, & Welcome to the forum …  :welcomewave: It's a real pleasure to meet someone who has been a kratom advocate longer than I ... you beat me by a year! I have no doubt you have plenty of excellent info & experience to share so please share share & then share some more, LoL!!!
Welcome home Tom! Always nice to have another warrior in the forum…..there are some great areas where you can share you Kratom knowledge and help people that are newer to the fight, as well as a botanical section that sound like you have a lot to contribute to.