The first month has been good. I'm settling in to a routine. I've mixed up my usage between fresh leaves, tea and capsules. I'm trying ten days on, two days off.

There is a bit of anxiety when I'm off the cycle. I compare it to a sugar rush withdrawal. I notice the pain and the stiffness. The anxiety will pass after 6-8 hours, so I try to time my cycle so that I'm going to sleep when I'm on the tail end of it. This enables me to sleep most of it off.

I've introduced a half dozen people to the leaf for chronic pain relief. Of the people I've helped, all of them have said it is amazing that they can find pain relief with out 1) feeling groggy 2) no high/woozy/altered state of mind 3) no numbness 4) complete control over their day to day functions. Although, some people have stated they noticed changes in their urination or bowl movements.

I have been exercising more, which I hope will lead to weight loss and more flexibility. I need to get back in to yoga, which I had done for over a decade religiously. I think with the combination of the leaf and the new routine I'm on a good path now.