Wondering about kratom?
Hi,new here. I've been on methadone 220mg for just about 12 years, before that heroin, before that oxycontin, and so on. I'm on a MSW. The clinic I go to has gone downhill ,after a new director.I got sick of driving in blizzards, missing holidays, and finally I was told I'm not allowed special exceptions either due to my MMJ card. I never expected normal take homes, but when the state says its unsafe nobody should be driving, it puts things in perspective,lol. It feels like I had more freedom as a heroin user,and not liking that feeling. Then they wouldn't let me dose one day because my councilor forgot to write down I met with her, which I felt was the last straw. There are a lot more reasons as well, but that's another topic. Now I just got down to 20mg. and well its not too pretty. I even tried waiting an extra 2 weeks in between drop, and it didn't help. Once I got below 100mg, Its like a constant lower level withdrawal if I'm lucky. I get about 1 day a week of that. The rest are worst. Its a battle between the physical and mental on which is worst.With methadone its like there's extra symptoms? Stopped heroin cold turkey a couple times, that wasn't fun either ,but it wasn't as intense. Ugh, It always stinks! Smells awful! I've showered etc,no help. Its like supersonic smelling. Tried smelling laundry soap for relief, and almost threw up. Way too chemically. The more normal w.d feeling of my pores suffocating seems almost better ,well until it starts. I've heard kratom can help, but extremely worried it will be just as bad when I stop that. Does anyone have any experience with this? My last day I dose is November 6th, and I expect to feel crappy after that as well. I just had my last 5mg drop,next week I start 2mg drops. Any help/info is appreciated. Thank you!!
You should absolutely taper down the Done as far as possible and then jump to Kratom only. I was popping 300mgs of Oxy AND banging 1.5g of H daily and I quit relatively easy with the help of Kratom. Done and Subs take a lot longer to overcome then traditional opioids, but Kratom will do the job. I had to take about 12g's of Kratom EVERY 3-4 hours in the beginning, but after a month I started to taper the Kratom as I felt I was past any wd's. It wasn't hard at all. I tapered the Kratom slowly, which is very easy compared to tapering Other stuff and eventually quit Kratom. If you have a history of drug abuse, it's not a bad idea to stay on the Kratom but in low amounts. It's a gentle plant, but does a lot to stop any cravings and any possible PAWS that might come about. I'm back to using Kratom now after I realized how "relatively" easy it was to stop if I wanted to. The people who have issues with Kratom are those who use extracts and those who are "chasing" an old feeling. If you really want to quit the Done, then this will get you there. Just always use plain leaf and never use extracts or Enhanced leaf.