New guy sayin' hello!
Hello everyone. I'm a 67 yr. old male living in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.. I'm very active and in very good health other than having recently been diagnosed with cervical (neck) spinal stenosis along with bone spurs and a herniated disk in the same area. Cause for concern but no need to panic yet. Prior to the recent diagnosis I was told the pain was from arthritis and 400 mg. of Advil three times daily was keeping the pain under control. After years of this regimen I was beginning to have concern about possible kidney damage from that much Advil when a friend told me about Kratom, gave me some links to check out the leaf and recommended a good vendor. I decided to order a "trial package" with all three strains included and was on my way. After I spent a month or so experimenting to learn the basics such as which strain does what, how much to use, how often etc. I placed my first "real" order, 500g of red and 250g of green. I was concerned about the FDA scare and the fact that my vendor was selling out of goodies fast so I placed the order while I was still experimenting, said experimentation being doses made of a mixture of strains. Alas, after I'd sent in my order I discovered that white strain, which didn't do squat for me alone, when mixed with red (Maeng Da, Red Asia, Dark Borneo, didn't seem to make a difference) was perfect for me. Quicker reaction, great pain relief and the most soothing, relaxing buzz I could have imagined.  I'm happy to report that I'm now only taking two Advils per day, and then only if I'm planning on driving soon in which case I'll take the Advil instead of my morning dose of Kratom. Alas, my vendor has sold out of all his white, and I'm having trouble finding some which doesn't cost a fortune; so any PM's with recommends will be welcomed. Thanks and love to the AKA Thanks to all the AKA folks, in solidarity with the fighters working to protect our rights here on the forum and elsewhere.  :bs:
Welcome…to both of you. Thanks for sharing and I hope you stick around.
Hello O&H, & a big Welcome to the forum …  :welcomewave: I hope that given enough time you will no longer need to call yourself Old n. Hurtin. Until then it is a real pleasure to meet you.