Hello!! I'm Billie!!
I've been rejoicing at finding Kratom for over 3 years!! I only wish I would of found it sooner! I've had nothing but positive experiences to report. After telling a new Doctor that I use Kratom, and have for yrs, she looked back over my test results, (having just told me everything was good) paused for a moment, and said that was fine as long as my kidneys and liver stay healthy. She did act as if she was surprised. I did tell the PA, and nurses at initial appointment, when they asked me about medications and ailments. I think they recorded it, but just thought it was a homeopathic of not much importence. I hope to meet and chat with other Kratom advocates and keep up on any new developments.
Welcome to our community, Billie, it's a pleasure to meet you!
greetings billie! my experience has also been positive . my health has steadily improved since I started consuming kratom leaf powder about three years ago. my liver profile and lipids had been very abnormal for forty years, but now only slightly elevated triglyceride levels remain a problem. kratom is the new component in my diet.