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Hello everyone...I have been reading a lot of the information about Kratom for a week. I am 61 years old and suffer from chronic pain. I was pretty comfortable for 16 years, able to get off disability and return to full time work, help my husband with our 2 home business's, take care of home, pets, grandkids, you know...just have a normal life, due to pain medication. About a year ago, that all changed. I won't bore you with the details...we are all familiar with the opioid hysteria. My doctor's have tapered me to a dose so low it isn't helping at all..i am back on disability, have to jump through hoops every month to get refills, get treated like a drug seeker, ignored by doctor's when practically begging for relief, have tried all the alternative treatments and a normal life is a distant memory. I am pretty sure I am ready to give Kratom a try. I have been reading everything I can find and am just a tiny bit skeptical. Can it possibly be this easy?? Actually, take control of my life again? No jumping through hoops for doctor's, pharmacy, insurance company's any more just for the miniscule amount of pain medication they have deemed appropriate? Can it be true that I will be able to eat, sleep, work, walk my dog, clean my house, go fishing in the canoe with my husband, build a snowman with my grandkids....you know...have a normal life....all because of a natural leaf from a tree? Really?? I will be in control again and decide when I need more and when I am comfortable and don't need anything? Everything I have been reading says yes...it is that easy and it is helping thousands of people. Before I order some, I am going to put this post out there and look forward to any responses. You all seem like normal and intelligent folks to me and...amazingly...everything I have read on Facebook, Twitter, some of the sites that sell Kratom....I have not read one negative nothing. Not a one. So, again...hi everyone. I hope someone takes a few minutes to respond. A new life..a better life, I am hoping may be coming right up. I want to be the person in a few weeks or months helping other people by telling them how a leaf has changed my life and it is just that easy. Thanks again for taking the time to read this and respond....may we all have a happy, safe, and Healthy New Year.
I'm not sure if you're worried about giving up the Rx and possible withdrawals or just about pain management. My advice below is if you are concerned with wd's. It doesn't sound like you're taking very much Rx at the moment but maybe this will be helpful regardless. Kratom is a great tool to get you past the horrible withdrawals. It will get rid of 90% of wd symptoms. I was taking 300mg of Oxy a day and quit with relative ease. Taper down the Rx as much as possible and then jump to only Kratom. I would not recommend trying to overlap or to take both Rx and Kratom simultaneously. Taper down and take the jump to only Kratom. As far as how much pain relief you will get from it, that's a little harder to determine as you'll have to experiment with different vendors and strains to find what works best. When you start your detox on Kratom, you will need to take more than normal, at least I did but my habit was bad. Start small and work your way up until most wd symptoms are alleviated. I had to take about 7g every 3-4 hours the first two weeks after jumping to Kratom to keep the wd's at bay but I had a bad habit so I'm sure you won't need as much. I wouldn't say it's easy, but it's as easy as it can get. You still need willpower and the want to quit the Rx pills. Once you're over the hump on wd's, you can always save some Rx for really bad pain days but only if absolutely necessary. Hit me up if you have any questions and good luck. I was more skeptical than you but it really works. I've been clean for 2 years now. And once you get past the Rx, Kratom is also very effective at pain relief for most.
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Hello, swan, & Welcome to our community. I see that you have met Biz & for that, you are very fortunate. Not only has he been thru his own very difficult experience, but he is also a wonderful guide for new users trying to find their way off Rx meds. Please read his advice carefully & if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, ok?
Thank you both for the kind welcome. I think I need some more advice...i am confused about the different strains I have been reading about and where to buy it. I know vendor recommendations need to be done thru pm...so if someone has a few minutes to help me further, that would be great.