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So I’ve been using Kratom over a year. I used to it transition out of PM and I’m so glad I did Bc it’s more effective with less side effects. Now I’m just worried about losing this plant. I see people going to their dr asking to get off of it and even going back to heavy duty rx meds bc they feel this plant was not safe. How in the heck can we win this fight when so many ppl are going to or asking to be put IP for Kratom? Especially when there are groups specifically dedicated to help ppl stop taking this plant and the info in those groups is ludicrous.
Welcome to our community, dobson. As for your question, the situations you have asked about are & have been what we in the kratom community have been battling against for years. This is not just a one-fight War, it is one War with many aspects & many battles on many fronts, that has been raging since well before I joined the kratom community 10 years ago. How can we win this fight? By not giving up. Take a look back & you will see that we have won many battles, important battles, in this War, so now is not the time to give up or give in to fear. Not only can we do this, dobson, we HAVE been doing this. Together, the kratom community truly is a force of nature!
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I’m keeping a positive outlook on this. It’s just very frustrating to see all the misinformation. Thank you for the reply.
@ldobson2008 It is difficult, very difficult, so I completely understand the fear & frustration. We are all human & I truly believe that anyone who doesn't fear or become frustrated at times doesn't fully understand the situation. It's a pleasure to stand with you in this War, dobson ![0_1547067201921_smile.png](https://i.imgur.com/43aViIB.png)
All of this is unsettling! I believe that this is what they want... to discourage and isolate the information that we've been able to get out. But they don't know our resolve!