New here
Hey, my name is Ginny and like so many I am grateful for Kratom, it has completely changed my life. I suffer from constant, chronic, mind melting pain that took my life away from me until I found this miracle. Thank you God for growing the stuff and thank you Aisa for discovering what it can do to help those of us that suffer.
@ginny-jones I'm happy to have you here. Yes, kratom is amazing and so happy it changed your quality of life as well.
Hey @Ginny-Jones, it's nice to have you with us! Welcome
@ginny-jones Hello, Ginny & Welcome to our community. Yes, kratom has given so many people their lives back, it truly is a miracle Leaf. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let me know, ok? ![0_1548700761522_smile.png](