Stem Cell knee surgery
I just had knee surgery and was given Vicodin. I used Kratom instead and it worked fine. I am so thankful for this wonderful miracle leaf. I don't have to take a harmful chemical for pain. I have had fibromyalgia for over 50 years and this is the first thing that has taken away my daily pain.
@karen-mokas That is quite a testimony! Good to hear! Get better soon!
Surgery is how I first found kratom. I got addicted to the pain killers. I was able to quit the pain meds but was still in pain. Kratom took care of the pain and when I no longer needed it I quit kratom without issues.
I had several screws and wires in my knee and leg. But the transition from anesthesia to kratom was a little bit rocly.. From the tea on, no problem. I use it pretty much every day though for my CRPS, and other issues.
I had a complete hip replacement and was able to avoid any opioids because I tried Kratom instead. I use it for back pain from scoliosis as well. I would definitely be on opioids if I didn’t try Kratom because my doctor has prescribed it. I have also offered it to my father for his knee replacement pain and he was abusing pain killers prescribed by his doctors as well. He no longer uses the opioids or other pain killers.
That's awesome! It's so liberating when you know that there is something other than pills, isn't it!