New member, hey all!
Hey all, super new to this type of thing. I’ve been following the AKA’s emails for some time and I’m in awe about the stories I’ve read. My partner and I are active Kratom users. Saves our lives every day. We’ve received hate since we have kids and others thinking this is as bad as heroin / other opioids. We’ve used it as an amazing opportunity to teach those around us and especially our girls (specifically our 9 year old, my step daughter) who we tell it is an herbal medicine to help us, something that’s been used for many many years. She thinks no less of us and supports it, even to tell her mommy to try and we’ve got a lot of people on board! We remind everyone to treat it respectfully and to always use in moderation because I witnessed someone very close to me overuse it and she had suffered bad withdrawals and I believe internal bleeding from an ulcer that was brought on by extreme Overusage. That being said, we are strong advocates of treating your body right and being responsible with whatever it is you consume, albeit, food, water, vitamins, plants, etc. Happy to be here, happy to keep fighting for this life saving plant! 🍃 Avery
Hi there, it's great to have you with us! Thank you for your introduction!