Hey I’m new to the forum. My name isMedea and I have been taking Kratom 2 years in February.
Hi Medea, it's great to have you with us! . I'll have my 2 years in April! Congratulations
@medeal Hey, Medea & Welcome to our community. If you have questions about using the forum or anything else please do not hesitate to ask me, ok?
Thanks everyone! That’s great Dijon! Congratulations to you too!!
@medeal This year is 10 years for me. Kratom has not saved me once ... our precious Leaf has saved me twice, it truly is a blessing ![0_1548712454705_smile.png](https://i.imgur.com/QUuNid9.png)
@itzatwist Happy to hear someone has been using this plant long term like me. Been saving my days everyday since mid 2011! Are you the admin for this forum? I just got an email about it and joined. So great this plant as grown a community!
@itzatwist it has truly been a blessing to me also!
@treeona-hill Yes, I am Admin on this forum. I am very pleased that you have chosen to join our new yet rapidly growing community & hope to get to know you better in the coming days, Treeona. If you have any questions or concerns please, never hesitate to ask me, ok?
@medeal Hey, Medeal, Welcome to our community & I am very glad that you found our "Blessing in a Leaf". I honestly will never stop being amazed by the stories I have seen from so many different people from so many different situations about our precious Leaf. Interesting username, by the way, Medeal ... ![0_1548745049866_cool.png](https://i.imgur.com/NfEJfaD.png)
I love hearing the stories of all the different people, in the different circumstances. It amazes me as well, it also amazes me of what it did for me. Thanks! The username, it’s real!
@medeal So is mine, Medeal ... mebbe that why I likes yours so much ![0_1548747394073_tea.gif](https://i.imgur.com/wXj07cV.gif) I cannot even begin to repay this precious Leaf for what it has done for me, for my life & for my loved ones so ... that is why I am here. To do everything I can to keep this precious Leaf available for everyone who needs a miracle.
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