Hey all
Hey aka forum,.. happy to have been introduced to this place. I belong to other forums but this one gets me excited. All of us now will be the “OG’s” in 10 years! :P Looking forward in watching this start up grow and getting to know Everyone. -Rob
I have already seem some of your posts..they look super informative I look forward to reading more in the future! The shelves are starting to fill up. Please say hello if you pass one of my threads. And would that not be OK(original kratom) not OG…you can't see but i'm throwing up the hand sign....guess it does not translate. Welcome anyway!
Hey Aegis, looking forward in interacting with you as well! I’m good with “OG” or “ok”! Lol. Glad my posts are informative… I know many people who know 10X more the amount of info as I do. I’ll pass along everything I’ve been told by trusted people and vendors.