Thank you for creating this forum
So happy to be able to connect with the community. Isn't it amazing this plant has made this community happen (along with the many humans growing it too). I discovered kratom in 2011 and tried it out of desperation to get off the rx that I knew would eventually be my death. It makes my heart smile so much that now so many people know about this plant and that newbies have places to turn and are not all alone in the venture of kratom in their lives. It still amazes me that there are those who want to make nature illegal. But with all of us and the AKA we will fight for its right to be consumed. I am so proud of all of you who have fought a big fight against pills, street drugs, depression, ptsd and countless other monsters and have come out on top! You are the light that makes this world bright! Love to you all **ETA: Please read the rules. You can [Click Here]( to go directly to them.** ***Thank You***
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@treeona-hill Hello, Treeona, & Welcome to our community. It is a real pleasure to meet you. I have been in the kratom community for 10 years & still when I read a new success story it astounds me as much as it did when I first discovered this miraculous Leaf. I never have & I never will get tired of reading the amazing success stories that pour in & I never get thru any of them without sweating at my eyes. So many people have been given another chance at life along with their loved ones who have suffered with them. This Leaf is a Blessing. I truly believe we will win this War because together we, the kratom community are quite literally a Force of Nature.