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Hello all! I am a 31yo woman from Maine! I am new to the Kratom world, just started a month ago to see if it would help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD and ADD and so far so good, in accompaniment to my medical cannabis prescription (in a legal state for both). I am looking for a reliable high quality vendor but for some reason cannot access the vendor page? I know it isn't discussed here but I just wanted to let admins know so I can get more information. So far I've been taking 3-6 capsules of Maeng Da daily and boy has it been an absolute GODSEND for my energy levels and executive dysfunction. It lessens my symptoms of agoraphobia and social anxiety immensely so far! I make smoothies for breakfast because my anxiety almost completely suppresses my appetite during the day and it makes my mental health worse. I want to try adding it to my smoothies instead of capsules. The package I purchased had no dosage information or anything, just the overall weight with no indication of how many mg the capsules contained... sketchy IMO. Does anyone have any advice that has gone the smoothie route and/or using Kratom for their mental wellness? I'm excited to have this as an alternative to stimulant medication. I also have concerns as to how it is metabolized by the kidneys, and if it is safe for those who have had acute renal failure and are now allergic to nSAIDS. I'm so glad to have found this community and look forward to exchanging info and insight on this marvelous plant :) Thank you for having me!
@sully-doodle-dooncan Welcome to our community, Sully, it's a pleasure to meet you. I too suffer from PTSD that manifests as debilitating anxiety, panic attacks & severe insomnia. I generally use a level teaspoon which weighs out to about 2.1 - 2.5 grams, 3 times per day. On bad days I may use less & on good days more, it's a matter of listening to my body. The good news is that I have not varied or upped this amount for the 10 years I have been blessed with this precious Leaf. I highly suggest that you purchase a small digital scale, they sell them on Amazon for $15 - $20. It will allow you to weigh out your dosage amounts. My little scale is one of the best investments I have made. Also, be sure to use a measuring spoon, not tableware ... the sizes vary far too much. I do not weigh out my powder every time, instead, I run a check once or twice a week just to ensure my consistency. I also highly suggest sticking to loose powder rather than capped kratom & will go into the reasons behind that advice if you wish, ok? I am sure you have plenty of questions so please feel free to ask me, that is what I am here for ![0_1548795349501_smile.png](
Thanks for the response! :) Yes I would much rather have the loose powder but Im not sure where to start, there is a lot of misinformation out there and I want to make sure I am buying high quality and the right strain and vein for whatever ails me. Can you direct me to a reliable source online? Ive read in some places theres no such thing as different strains, it's the drying and curing process that makes the effects, and then other places talk about all these different strains and potencies, etc. I don't have a lot of money so I want to make sure I'm getting the best I can find. I also have sensitive kidneys so I have to be cautious and aware of potential fillers and the like.
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@ska Hi again ska: Without saying much, you and I are very similar. I am so sorry your have so many problems with anxiety and panic attacks. I have severe anxiety disorders (OCD among the cluster) and kratom has help me taper off the benzos and antidepressants. I don't like to talk about it too much, but it is simply uncanny to meet people like me. I am grateful, but sorry that you have to live like me :( If Kratom goes away for me, it will be a real negative for me. These are things about my life that I don't share with everyone. As I said before in another post to you, things are not always what they seem. Again, thanks for sharing this part of your life. However, it saddens me that you have to have these conditions, I know what a living hell it can be. Steve
@sully-doodle-dooncan Hi Sully: Welcome to the forum. I am glad that you have found relief from Kratom. I have had similar experiences both for pain and anxiety/mood issues. I am sorry you have to suffer from these conditions, but just want to say that I am very PROUD that you continue to make it through. You should take some time to feel very good about yourself for being a survivor and not settling for the status quo. I am glad that Kratom is giving you the relief that I have also found. Blessings to you and with gratitude for your life, Steve