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Hi! Was excited to get the email regarding this forum. My husband was addicted to opiods when I met him. He told me about his addiction and told me he wanted to "get the monkey off his back". It was difficult...seeing him detox and then go right back to it. So I did research and found Kratom. It was amazing. He was able to detox without the horrible side effects. He still uses Kratom every day as it provides relief from his pain. He was a roofer and has daily back and neck pain. He has been opiod free for 7 years. When I read about the government trying to ban the use of Kratom it makes me want to tell my husband's story. This is a natural way to get relief from pain without drugs. Personally I think that is the issue...big pharmaceuticals will not profit from this so they are behind the negative press of Kratom. We need to tell our stories!
@janice-wagenfohr-scott Hello, Janice, & Welcome to our community. ![0_1549143570016_welcome.gif]( I positively Lov reading the awesome success stories so Thank You for sharing yours. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me, ok?
Welcome @Janice-Wagenfohr-Scott ! Its great to have you here with us