Hopeful Hoosier
Hoping to change the law to allow all Hoosiers to have the opportunity to see for themselves, that pills are not always the answer
@luckychucko I live right across the river in Kentucky. It was close to being banned here in 2016. The AKA will strive to continue federally to keep it legal, and revisit each banned state in Hope's that kratom will be available to all. Educating our reps is something we each can do, everyday, sharing kratom truth on each social media platforms. The website is full of shareable information. Not only will the truth be everywhere, also educating the entire population to dispel the demonizing the FDA is trying so hard to do. Welcome to our forum, it's very nice to have you here. Americankratom.com
I know a State legislator name Jim Lucas who is working on a bill for medical marijuana & I continue to ask him to make sure K is included. Hopefully it makes the cut
@luckychucko I sure hope so. Maybe they will listen ... it would be nice for them to really look into kratom without prejudgment with false information easily found.
@luckychucko Hello, Chuck, & Welcome to our community ... ![0_1549397606300_welcome.gif](https://i.imgur.com/p44JMYp.gif) I wish you great success in your endeavors to keep kratom legal in your state & appreciate this opportunity to meet a truly dedicated kratom advocate ... ![0_1549397804225_cool.png](https://i.imgur.com/y1MCeot.png) If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask me, ok?
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