Greetings and Questions for Ska
Hello everybody! I've been lurking lately and just realized I haven't introduced myself. I'm registered as "Taz Hood," an old nickname I was given and adopted with good humor in 1968. I just visited my Profile and see that my email address is there, which contains my full name and year of birth. **Is my email address visible to everyone**? Also, I see that I can solicit advice on trusted vendors and prices, product quality and customer service by Private Message (PM), but I have not figured out how to either receive or send a PM. For instance, when I click on Ska's logo, I can "+" him (and did), but I didn't see an option to send him a PM. **Is there a setting or something I need to change in my profile to obtain PM capability?** Ska, I am in awe of your knowledge and experience, and I am deeply grateful for your generosity and willingness to share that information with others. Thank you for your time and devotion! With kind regards, Taz
There seems to be a limit on the number of characters one can post in a message like this, so I'm posting again to tell you all a little bit more about me. I have disabling depression that has been treated with medications since 1994. I was fortunate to find an excellent psychiatrist who was willing to work with me to find the right mix of meds, a process that took three years and trying twenty-five different anti-depressant and adjunctive medications. By early 1997 I'd be lying on the floor of my office, sweating and shaking after trying unsuccessfully to find yet another prescription that might work. I admitted to my psychiatrist and to my wife that if my condition didn't improve within the following year I would most likely kill myself, not out of desperation or impulse, but because I rationally thought I wouldn't be able to take it any more. Then on June 23, 1997 I took a new combination of meds and a thick, heavy veil lifted and I felt much better. Depression, for me, is incredibly physical. I'm not a sad person and am living a wonderful life. Thanks to my psychiatrist's persistence, I had sixteen highly productive years working in ideal conditions, knowing every day I was making a positive difference. I still struggled with depression, for many years cyclically, where I'd be up for a couple of months and then down again, but eventually it became constant and overwhelming. By 2010 it was affecting my work so profoundly that I had to go out on disability at age sixty. I simply could no longer work at all, neither in my profession nor in any other capacity. Today at 69, we're retired and living on our Social Security benefits, grateful for Medicare and our supplemental health insurance, and of course for each other. Some weeks I don't leave the house at all. My wife and I rarely socialize, and through my neglect I've lost many of my friends. I'm not complaining, but spending all day every day lying on the sofa watching recorded TV is not how I imagined I'd be spending my golden years. :-) I'm not sure why I'm sharing all of this, and I expect that I'm boring you terribly, and if I am, I sincerely apologize. In the last couple of years I've lost my ability to write, and I owe letters or emails to several dear friends. Sharing this is my first attempt in a long time to reach out to anybody. But this is a kratom forum and here I am going on about everything but. **I would like recommendations** (by PM, of course) from Ska or anybody else **regarding your experience with trusted vendors of powdered kilos of green Maeng Da.** We are so far happy with the vendor we're using, and a kilo of powder lasts us about a month, but their product is sometimes variable and may be untested. I will write more about our experience with kratom at another time, but I would be grateful for a few recommendations for now. Thank you to everyone reading this. Although flawed, Netflix's "A Leaf of Faith" documentary made one point I'd like to repeat: "America has a pain epidemic." Thank you again, Taz
@taz-hood welcome to our forum. So glad you are reaching out, and found a place to talk with others about our kratom journey. I saw you asked about messaging, the very top corner of the forum, is a little symbol used in referencing chat. You touch that, and then add who you want to chat with. If you need anything let us know. This is a wonderful work in progress and hopefully will become more familiar on how to utilize this forum. Nice to meet you!
@taz-hood Hello, Taz & Welcome to our newly remodeled community. First things first, I be a she ... ![0_1549311283450_humble.gif]( Thank You for your very kind words, Taz ... ![0_1549311355748_smile.png]( About the visibility of your email address, yes, it is visible on your Profile Page. Would you like me to find out how to hide it? As for the ability to PM, it has been converted to "Chat". Also, please understand that I am learning this new means of private communications along with you but I will share what I know, ok? 1. As Lois has already said, your Chat function is located in the top bar ... ![]( 2. To start a new Chat you will first click on their name to bring up their profile. I will initiate a Chat with you as an example ... ![]( 3. After you click on their name it will take you to their Profile Page. This Profile Page will have a menu located on the right side indicated by three dots. Click on the three dots ... ![]( 4. Clicking those three dots will release a drop-down menu, like this ... ![]( 5. You will select, "Start a new chat with xxx" located first on the drop-down menu to bring up your Chat box ... ![]( 6. The arrows indicate where to type your message, how to send your message & at the very top is the name of the person you are sending your message to. To check for responses to the Chats you have sent out &/or new Chats from others check the Chat symbol in the top bar. When you receive Chats you will see a number in a small red box ... ![]( I hope this will help & please, if you have any more questions never hesitate to ask me, ok Taz?
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