Hello from Mississippi!
I'm new here, fairly new to kratom and live in MS. Kratom has helped my husband and I for the last year stay off of pharmaceutical meds and still manage pain and anxiety. I'm constantly afraid of what will happen if it gets banned in our state, so I'm looking for as much info on how I can help in my community and state and others to keep this miracle plant available to the public! I'm happy to meet some like minded individuals who share the same passion for kratom.
@rachel-zugg it is very nice to have you here. I'm glad its helping. Kratom is truly a wonderful leaf, worth fighting for. My life was changed when I found and tried kratom. We will continue to educate those law makers that only know the misinformation that's out there.
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@rachel-zugg Welcome to our community, Rachel ... ![0_1550359714993_welcome.gif](https://i.imgur.com/DUlQx0t.gif) It is a real pleasure to meet you & I hope to see more of you here.
@rachel-zugg Hi Rachel, it is very ice to have you here on the forum. Kratom has helped me in many ways. However, I share your anxiety as Ohio's Board of Pharmacy is considering a scheduling of Kratom in early March. The AKA has been a great organization in presenting scientific facts that countervail conventional 'wisdom' that is driving decisions to try to ban Kratom. I live in a part of Ohio that is enduring a significant opiate crisis. Many people have found Kratom to actually ameliorate (and in some cases end) their addiction. I live among some of these people, they are my friends and neighbors. They are not bad people, they are good people who have gotten addicted (for whatever reason) to powerful neuro-active chemicals. Believe it or not, Kratom helps them to ease off the opiates. I am afraid that criminalizing Kratom will be bad news for our state. So, I share your concern also Rachel. Finally, there is all kinds of misinformation that the AKA helps to stanch. There was a recent article that has been discussed on our forum about someone who purportedly has a $600-800/week Kratom habit. Given the price of pure Kratom that does not seem likely. I won't go into the details, but that doesn't seem reasonable. In my part of Ohio there were accounts that people were 'injecting' Kratom. Again, I may be very naive, but one wonders how that would be done. No one has really clarified that and it seems to be more misinformation. Thanks for joining Rachel. I hope you find comfort and encouragement here. You are amongst friends and kindred spirited people for sure. Steve
@rachel-zugg welcome to the forum! It's nice to meet you! Please let admin know if we can help in any way, or answer any question for you.. Lol not that we'll have all of the answers ( depending upon the question 😁😁🙄), but we'll do our best to find a suitable (🙄hopefully) one. Lol Again, welcome..
I’m from Mississippi too and I have no idea what efforts are being made here by the aka. Feels like we’re all in our own here
Hi Brandon, were you able to be on the kratom protection act webinar last night,? If not, it was recorded and is in a couple of different places here on the forum. It may be a really good thing for you to listen to! Has very state specific information, and I am hoping, that you'll feel differently after watching it. If not, I am really sorry that you are feeling the way you are! I know that it's hard! ESPECIALLY when s.g. insists on raising the game, and spreads the false information as he does. Were you able to sign up with your state captain, and keep track on events in your state, that way?
@dijon-evans great reply. Yes watching the Webinar I think would totally help clear up many questions and settle doubts some have. I'm very thankful the AKA does them. Keeps us all updated and helps us to understand the process.
@brandon-nash said in [Hello from Mississippi\!](/post/3038): > I’m from Mississippi too and I have no idea what efforts are being made here by the aka. Feels like we’re all in our own here Hello, Brandon, & Welcome to our community ... ![0_1550538629650_welcome.gif](https://i.imgur.com/iaDqavc.gif) Please believe me when I say that you are neither alone or forgotten ... *not ever!* The recording for the "What is the Kratom Consumer Protection Act" Webinar that Lois is talking about can easily be accessed by **[CLICKING HERE](https://akakratom.com/topic/806/what-is-the-kratom-consumer-protection-act-video-available-here)** It truly will, as Lois has already said, help to clear up many questions & doubts as well. If you have any further questions *please* feel free to ask one of us, ok?
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