New to the association
Hi all, My name is Jeff or jdean to many. I,ve been a regular Kratom user for a few years now, Im also a stage 4 kidney cancer cancer patient that's spread to my lungs bones and lymph nodes. I,ve found kratom to be extremely helpful in dealing with my pain ,depression , anxiety etc..I haven't had alot of experience with purchasing kratom on line ,Buying my product from only a few vendors because I realize there is a huge difference in quality out there. A friend of mine turned me on to one in particular that always had stellar strains ,great prices and super fast shipping. Unfortunately, things have happened to this wonderful individual that has turned his life upside down as well as slowly destroying his business( why do bad things happen to such nice people?) Anyway ,90% of the time I,m disappointed dealing with other vendors. Quality being the issue most of the time. On the up side ,I have all the contact information on his supplier in Indonesia, This supplier has absolutely the finest product I can imagine being available so I,m thinking of taking the plunge and becoming a vendor myself.Needless to say this would be a sizable investment ,professional web site ,inventory,etc..The problem of course is ,how long is this industry ,no matter how hard we try going to be able to flourish before the goverment puts a stop to it .whether or not I decide to open up shop, I would like to see kratom left alone as it is. Again ,I am a cancer patient with some health issues that are greatly helped out by the use of kratom instead of visiting my local pharmacy weekly to stock up on prescription meds. especially narcotic pain medication.( I,ve had my share of the problems they can cause) I am on permanent disability ,otherwise I would contribute as much as possible to help out in our quest to keep the goverment from banning this harmless botanical .If and when I can be sure that we are safe from kratom becoming banned or illegal I have many wealthy friends That would be interested in putting up the funds for me to become a vendor of very high quality ,pure Kratom leaf in many variety's and strains.
To begin with, hello & welcome to the forum, Jeff. It looks like you have been, like many of us here, extremely fortunate to discover kratom & the wonderful potential it has to offer. You are, of course, most welcome to learn & converse with the many others here who are also exploring & enjoying the many benefits that kratom has to offer. I invite you to meet, share with & enjoy your community here in the forum &, if you wish, on our AKA Facebook pages. In fairness to you, I believe it is important to be sure that you have read our forum rules & to make clear that we cannot & will not assist you in setting yourself up as a vendor. I highly doubt that this forum will have the answers you seek even if it wasn't against House Rules. _Again, a big welcome to you, Jeff_   ;)
Welcome in JDean I look forward to seeing you in the forum as well. With a couple of years of kratom use I am sure you have some interesting insights on thoughts or just stop by to share your day.
:) Hi itzatwist, Thanks and I,m glad to become a part of this community, Sorry if you got the impression that I was looking for help in becoming a vendor, I can see were you may have thought that as I did mention it . But no, I,d just like to be a part of something were people share the same interests as I do. Although I have been using kratom on a fairly regular basis ,theres always room to learn and share the knowledge that I,ve accumulated over the years as well as just enjoy hanging out and shooting the breeze with some new online friends. Again, Thanks for the Welcome
You are most welcome J,  & just to be clear,  you did absolutely nothing wrong. I only wanted to make certain your expectations would & could be met here. As for being a part of something , guess what? You already are! You are a bona fide member of the kratom community & it is an awesome community in so many ways. Please make yourself at home, explore, ask questions, share experiences & have fun, J!