My name is Mike; I live in Southern Connecticut. I learned about the wonders of Kratom around 4 years ago. I had been introduced to pain medication by my primary care doctor for chronic back issues accumulated over a number of years from lifting weights. I would say that eventually, the use of the pain medication evolved beyond simply treating pain, to recreational use. However, I was fortunate that this did not spiral down into an addictive habit, and I feel very lucky in that regard. In any event, in about '15-'16, my primary care physician abruptly stopped prescribing any pain medication. Here in Connecticut, programs had been implemented by LE and the DEA specifically to closely monitor the issuance of all prescriptions for pain medication, in a state-wide database. The actions of physicians were being heavily scrutinized, and several associates of my doctor had been prosecuted. Mind you, my doctor //NEVER// over-prescribed or acted in an unprofessional manner in my opinion, but this ongoing initiative by law enforcement to begin prosecuting doctors really shook him up, and caused him to abandon the use of pain medication in treating only the most acute injuries and pain. Right around that time, I began exploring alternatives to pain meds, and learned about Kratom. I was skeptical at first, but quickly learned that Kratom was both an effective and safe alternative to the pain meds. Not only did it help alleviate bouts of pain (I don't gain the same degree of pain relief as pharmaceutical medication), but became a very effective mood and energy boosting supplement. Ever since, I've been using Kratom on a daily basis; it's essentially no different than a morning cup of coffee to me. Really the only side effect I've noticed is occasional digestive discomfort/constipation, but it's not so bad that other supplements can't address. I'm very happy to have learned about Kratom, and the benefits it provides in an analgesic capacity as well as mood/energy enhancement. Happy to join this community. -Mike
Hello Mike, thank you for introducing yourself! Welcome to the forum! I look forward to getting to know you! We still have about 13 minutes if you want to join us on the "Kratom protection act webinar " Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
@sk3l Hi Mike; My name is Steve. It is nice to have you here on the forum. Your story is very interesting. I am glad that you were able to find Kratom and discover its benefits. Your experience has mirrored mine very closely in several aspects. I have worked both as a professor at a local university here in my home state of Ohio as well as a senior manager at a Fortune 250 company. My work career has spanned 40+ years and has always involved a significant amount of typing and writing. Hence I have severe arthritis in both hands. (I might add that I trained for years in the martial arts for many years and, while not to impress anyone certainly :), the board and brick breaking certainly contributed) My doctors' solution(s) were OTC analgesics which are known to affect the liver and kidneys. I did not find that acceptable, long-term. I found Kratom and skeptically gave it a try. It worked wonders and even gave me a mood and energy boost as you mention. I, too, have the one slight side affect that you mention, but that is minor compared to the benefit. So, you are not alone in your experience. I am super psyched that you joined the community. You will find that the contributors and administrators are a great group of people who are very kind and helpful. There you have it, Mike, I am extending a warm welcome and saying it is great to have you here among us. Stay in touch, Steve