Arizona State Captain
Hi, My name is Jason. I am the Arizona State Captain for the AKA. I help organize those in Arizona in the fight for Kratom. I have lived in Arizona for the last 22 years. I grew up in St Louis and struggled with chronic migraines since the age of 6. Kratom has helped me in so many ways. It also helps my brother who is a veteran. We have met with several Arizona representatives about Kratom and have made great progress. As some of you know we are trying to get Kratom protected here in Arizona and across the country. If your in Arizona and want to help out please feel free to contact me. Thanks, Jason
Nice introduction Jason!
@jaysmot Welcome to the forum, Jason. ![0_1550655922387_welcome.gif]( *It's a real pleasure to see you here ...* ![0_1550656037679_sweet.gif](
@jaysmot send me a friend request.i have people in Arizona that take kratom.and need to be part of the Aka group.