I introduced myself awhile ago, but...
Since I wrote my introduction, I have not been able to find it. So I am going to aim to do so again. I'll start off with the fact that I am the State of California captain. Since the legislature drop in day in November, which was life experience and major eye opener, of itself! Since then I have been honored by being asked to be an admin here. A lot of people may know me from Facebook, or Twitter. I also helped coordinate and spoke at the California Rally in Sacramento I'm an admin for a couple of groups on Facebook, but am not sure how long those groups will remain. A little about myself; at 16, I was a lifeguard and got my foot caught in a hole, on the outside of a pool, when I needed to get to a young boy, fast. I had a cast put on too tight and it killed the nerves and cut off the circulation. 240 + operations, 3 amputations, pulmonary embolism (2), every vertebrae is either broken, fractured or collapsed. A partial hip replacement and the other side is needed, as is my knee. 10 bouts of osteomyletis, well 11 now. CRPS, full body, with organ involvement/failure and the damage to my nervous system has reached my brain, affecting my cognitive abilities But before April 29th, 2017 as I was exiting my home, to end my life ( 40 years of sheer hell, meds suddenly stopped in Nov 2016), by April, I was done! Not because I wanted it that way, by any means. But my mailman met me on my doorstep, with my first package of kratom. Before that, I had been bedridden for 10+ years, on deathsdoor, far too many times to count. You all can fill in the " other perks" of chronic pain/ illness/ mental illness. About 12 years after the injury, I had my first amputation, 2 months later I was in college, a year later, accepted into A major University, which also had medical school. 2, a little over 2 months shy of my M.D. I had to take a medical leave of absence and wasn't able to return. Since Kratom, I am pretty much out of bed every day, been out of the house, I WENT CAMPING ( only 1 night, but I DID IT😁😁😁😁). I have my daughter and grandkids back in my life. I have a man whom I love ( we're experiencing some trials since I am no longer 100 % dependent on him for every single thing, but we'll see❣) I have HOPE, QUALITY OF LIFE AND After 40 years, I no longer have that GREY veiled, shell of existence- AFTER not being expected to reach the age of 25,... 35.. and most definitely not beyond 45.. I'll soon be 56. So I will have to think of something else to say, because for the last year, I have been saying "I'm 55 and ALIVE." Well so much for short; yet for those who know me, aren't surprised by this! 🙄 For those who wonder, Dijon is also A womans name... You pronounce it MUS- TARD .. 😏😁😁 NO, it's pronounced DEON BUT I answer to many names.. lol I look forward to getting to know all of you! Out of curiosity, if any Ca residents are in here, would you please introduce yourselves to me? Thank you
@dijon-evans Hello Dijon, I see that you are the "California captain". What does that mean? Are you in charge of the CA group here? I have followed *(lurked)* the CA Page on Facebook for a while ... *is that you?* I am so *glad* to finally meet you, & **Thank You** for all of your hard work & time & effort for all of us in California :sweat_smile:
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Yes, I am the California captain, ( which was for the legislation drop in day 11/19). I do have a group for that. I am still considered the state captain But I am not behind the CALIFORNIA AKA page. That is primarily @ska , although others LURK, SNEAK behind the curtain as well. Lol I was actually very embarrassed when I discovered who was back there, as they were getting the same questions from me there, on fb ,( 2 grps), in PMS, and until recently I was not aware of just how many times I was asking the same people, the same thing, soooooooo many times 😏😁😁😁🤪 Right @Lois_Gilpin @RoninAdvocacy @ska . Oh the nightmares they probably had Now, I like to mess with them.. pay back, ya know.. lol What state captains entail is keeping tabs on the state federal, cities, towns, all of the watching, government/ hhs/board of pharmacy, all the agencies that might try and propose a bill, or ban or any negative information out there. It is a lot of work! ESPECIALLY when theres not a lot of people who are willing to help out I'm always worried that I will miss something. 😁😁would you be interested in keeping an eye out? No pressure, just a question. ❣ I'm still on fb often, peeking through groups and watching Many friends there still. I hate to see the splintering up that's occurring! I personally don't think that it's in our best interest as a group. But.. I hope that we'll get the opportunity to get to know each other! Thank you very much for asking !
@dijon-evans Hi Dr. Evans This is Steve (Prof)....I posted a sorta last post before I leave Fla. and before the OBOP makes decision on Ohio. I put if in Official Groups (I dunno why), but if you see it, and it is in the wrong place, could you please put it in the right place? Thanks much. The topic has Ohio in title, Hoping for the best for Ohio. There are tangential references to you in there too. You are a good woman and a good friend. Steve
Dijon - I’m in awe and speechless about what you shared in your introduction. I’m looking forward to knowing you better. Thank you. You obviously have a strong and beautiful spirit, and what you have endured is remarkable to say the least. Love, JL
@dijon-evans My dear Dr. Evans: Anyone who makes it through the rigors of medical school as you did merits the title Dr. in my view. I will try not to make it my usual verbose mess...but suffice to say that you have shown incredible internal fortitude. If you have not already done it, you should take a few minutes and for yourself and allow yourself to feel really good about who you are and what you have been able to endure, survive and accomplish. I, for one, am incredibly blessed to be able to have crossed paths with you. It has been really great to know you and benefit from our written conversations. I am glad that you are in my life. Much blessings and thank you for being YOU. Steve
@the_professor yes I will look for it and do so..if needed. Please travel safe, be good to yourself and I am sending you and your family much love and hugs, thoughts and prayers for all involved ... even the surgeon(s)❣
@the_professor Thank you! Very much! Was bitten by a black widow spider last Sunday and had an allergic reaction to the venom. on top of the havoc that it, in and of itself, causes. Fun times🤥🤥🤥😏 Today, is a . Has been a challenge for me. Almost overwhelmingly so. And I find your much appreciated and needed kindness❣ From one verbose, to another, never keep hushed, or locked inside, what many are aching to hear❣ I found this as a memory of something that I wrote, on fakebook: for those who know me, they know I have a tendency to say things before thinking. This is why I only have one leg, I put my foot in my mouth too much. Here's hoping that this is not one of those times. I am speaking only for myself, and reflecting on my life and lessons. What I've learned : To live, is to love To hang on to what holds us down, or keeps us from growing, isn't living. Learning what is important, when on a deathbed, is a true waste of the gifts we've been given. As the lessons learned, came too late in most instances. Seeing those who are really important to us at funerals, is full of regrets. To lose the ones we love, but haven't said so in awhile for whatever reason is setting yourself up. To lose a person who you love because of hurt feelings, an argument, religious differences, life styles, life choices, those trying to control or manipulate others, is a lifetime of guilt, pain, at times a lot of self destruction, and sometimes it causes so much stress, that the body finds its own way to get it out.... We have such a beautiful world, and you cannot truly see it, really appreciate it, until you rid yourself of whatever ails you, and that is an awful waste. I still have a great deal to learn, to let go of, and deal with. To accept what I cannot change. To take responsibility for my mistakes, especially if they affected others. But at a great cost! I no longer accept the blame or the responsibility of any wrong doings; when I didn't do the wrong. To place responsibility where it belongs! If bad choices were made by others, and those others want to blame me for their own choices and outcomes, well it's time for them to grow up. Unfortunately, I have learned this through very painful experiences, and I am not just talking about physical pain. I've learned that emotional pain, is far worse than physical pain; but through trials and tribulations, pain, and all uncomfortable lessons and life events... is when we learn to appreciate and recognize true beauty, love - real unconditional and healthy love. Joy. The range of colors. Textures. The sky: night or day. Or just the amazing and incredible fact that we exist. Especially when we are set on destruction of each and every miracle around us, and they are astounding! But this I've learned at way too much of a cost, and I hope and pray that those who I know and love, whether we talk or not, that they are always in my heart, even a shattered one there's room. Even those who I don't know, I hope that they don't follow in my footsteps. Travel well! Be well!
@jlove thank you! I am sorry that I didn't see this before now❣ We all have stories!
@dijon-evans Hi dear Dr. Evans: This is a PHENOMENAL post. I am making a copy and keeping in a Word document and will keep close to my heart. Keep me in your prayers. Next few months gonna be tough. Steve