Greetings from California
My name is Josette & I have so many reasons to be Thankful for kratom. Without going into any details right now, I just want to say that it is truly good news to have somewhere other than Facebook to connect with my fellow kratom users community. *Thank You AKA* :sunglasses:
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I realize that I am not @ska , but I was wondering if I can be of help?
@dijon-evans Hello, Dijon ... by the way, my favorite mustard, lolz! Considering your sig I am hoping it ok to say that ... you know, PC & all ![0_1550704921226_smile.png]( I am new here so where/how do you suggest I go from here?
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@josette so good to have you here. I'm thankful to for this tool we have to be more open in conversations and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you. It's a work in progress and it's been exciting to see it begin to grow. Very nice to meet you.
@Josette I love it! I tried to edit my name, some how so that ppl would still know who I was. but change it to "Mustard" It didn't work, so yes. It's in my signature and completely ok, PC and all that stuff! I love humor and laughter! Let's see.. well do you know your way around forums in general? Or are you new to them? Lol, I am new,, relatively speaking, but learning Have you looked at the rules, start here, or the trees? Have you seen those? You can go to introduce yourself, or even start a new topic. Do you need help?