A Coordinated National Communications Plan
Earlier today I posted an opinion on the Forum. I'm a successful businessman, writer, and researcher. I am passionate about protecting our right to use Kratom. It has proved extra-ordinately beneficial to me in managing chronic pain from spinal stenosis. I know from personal experience it is far superior to the 4 1000/200 Vicopropen tablets combined with a 10mg Butrans patch I was using in 2017. I am here to learn and to help in the fight to keep Kratom out of the clutches of the FDA and Big Pharma.
Hello @Ted-Villella, it's very nice to see/ meet you! I too am so very happy that I am pretty much out of PHARMAs grips. I'll be looking for your other post
@ted-villella Greetings Ted, & Welcome to our community ... ![0_1551143186153_welcome.gif](https://i.imgur.com/NLQALKY.gif) It's a real pleasure to meet another determined kratom advocate & please, if you have any questions never hesitate to ask, ok?
@ted-villella I just was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, my cervical is the worst with major narrowing, mid back, as well as my lumbar is not good. I so can relate to your pain. This fight is so important to win for each of us. And my passion to do just that, drives me everyday to push beyond my pain. I know without kratom, our quality of life will be horrible. I would be back in bed. This leaf allows me to be an active part of this community as well in my personal life. Its beyond just for me. This leaf has given so many a opportunity to live each day with less pain. I feel honored to fight along side so many wonderful individuals in the kratom communities. This leaf has lead me to meeting so many people that understand the pain, and the struggles we face everyday. It's been an honor in this historic fight that I feel so confident in winning. The AKA Team, that works so hard for each of us, are of the highest caliber I could of imagined. With our voices backing the Professional Team, the scientific evidence and our will to live a better life, I truly think we can do this. It's been a pleasure reading your comments. What a diverse group of people we are. Many various talents, and individual expertise. Together #WeAreKratom #TeamAKA
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@lois_gilpin Thank You Lois, I have written a 9000 word article and seek publishers. I would be happy to share a draft with you. We need a media blitz that reaches a far, wide and deep as does anything counter to our views. Their is research available from Thailand on the medical benefits, a country that decriminalizes both Marijuana and Kratom on 12-25-18. See: https://www.forbes.com/sites/sarabrittanysomerset/2018/12/25/thailand-legalizes-medical-marijuana-and-kratom/#13e32d8a2bb9
@ted-villella Support and beta readers, communications and social media professionals that can help us build a media blitz until we win.
@Ted-Villella Ted, Welcome to our forum. We need to be cautious in all the work we do. We use very good PR people to help us craft and draft our media outreaches. There is method behind this. Please do not use our forum to call for activity that has not been approved by us. We issue Action Alerts/Call to Action when needed. We have a very large amount of Science backed info when we do this and all that info is available for everyone to use when educating the uninformed. It is all available on our website for everyone to use. www.americankratom.org Thank you very much.
@robin Thanks for letting me know. As I wrote in my early communications, I do not want to do anything that could be detrimental to your work. I support the effort and seek ways to use my skills to carry the message you have forward. I would like to know more, as well as find ways to participate. Ted