Blood pressure
Anyone here have high blood pressure? I have hypertension, and have noticed that kratom can raise my blood pressure, especially in high doses. I have read it often helps with hypertension but doesn’t seem to do that for me. Anyone have solutions for this? Thanks!
@253life Hello, & Welcome to our community ... ![0_1551122237148_welcome.gif]( I have high blood pressure & yes, nearly every White strain Leaf that I have tried has made me edgy which triggers my anxiety thus raising my bp. So, for me, it is not the direct action of the alkaloids in the kratom, it is the result of my extreme anxiety being triggered. My solution to this problem is; I stick to Green & Red strains & never use Whites. This has worked very well for me for the past 10 years. I have sampled a White here & there over the years but my results are always the same; edgy - anxiety - rise in bp. Now, some questions for you so we can figure this out together, ok? What strains are you using, how much are you using when your bp rises, what are you using it for & finally, how long have you been using kratom? That will be a great place for us to start ![0_1551123344762_flirt.gif](
@253life hello, and welcome to the forum! There is some documentation that it may increase b.p. While the majority of people find that it lowers their b.p. Please, if you haven't had any possible blood pressure issues checked out with a physician, please do so. That's the only safe way to be sure that there are no underlying medical conditions Again, welcome and I look forward to getting to know you better
@253life If you are in pain and that is why you are using Kratom, the pain may be causing the increased blood pressure. There are also lots of other reasons for high bp, which by the way, goes up and down through out the day depending on what is going on in your life...for example extra salty diet like bacon for breakfast, the kids, husband, or dog driving you crazy, tobacco use, not taking prescribed bp medication,....etc. If you are checking your blood pressure yourself, keep some of these other possible reasons for the high reading in mind. And, the best possible solution is to check with your doctor, especially if you are taking medication for may simply need a medication adjustment, especially if you just started taking it, or you have been taking it for a long time. Either situation can require monitoring. Better safe than sorry....if your bp is staying too high each time you check it....keep a record of the readings and call your doctor. Hope I helped.
@swanville very true. Pain definitely increases BP. I was pretty evened out with my BP, until my thyroid became to out of whack. My BP became extremely high. Now that my thyroid is being addressed, my BP is normal again. So, yes, it could mean that there is an underlying medical condition that could be the culprit.
Blood pressure is tricky simply because it is always going up and down. It becomes serious when it stays consistently the way, I worked for American Red Cross Blood Services for 10 my old life before chronic unrelenting pain took over....and the biggest reason for denying potential donors was high I have given the advice thousands of times....always ending with sending them to see their doctor. I wanted to throw that out there when offering medical advice....I know a little about high bp from medical experience, not quoting from google. The good news is it is very treatable, and should be treated because if not, is potentially very dangerous. I am glad they figured out why yours became high and was able to treat both your thyroid and bp. You must feel better. Whacked out thyroid has its own crazy health issues.
How long have you been taking kratom and are you taking it because you have quit opiates? The cessation of opiates will cause a temporary increase in no so if that's the case you may need to give it time. As for me I dealt with high bp for years and years and tried every bp meds out there and nothing lowered it, that is until I quit all the other meds and found kratom. Now after years and no telling how much damage done, I have normal bp. I did also add magnesium at the same time as kratom and eventually had to stop magnesium for a while because my bp was dropping too low! I had never had that problem! Also at the time I made all these changes I let go of a lot of stresses in my life and stopped all processed foods. I don't take any white strains just reds and sometimes mix some green in. I wish you the best of luck! I know how exhausting high bp can be.