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I'm doing good, thanks! How are you?
Thank you! I’m enjoying all the posts and information, and support. So grateful to the AKA and for being in this forum. I wrote an introduction a few days ago and deleted it, thinking it was too much. But in brief, I hope, here’s another go at it.(It ended up not so brief!) I am new to Kratom starting my fifth month now. I deal with chronic pain, MS and Epilepsy and multiple chemical sensitivity and lots of food and drug allergies, and hypothyroidism. That’s the worst of it all. I am a long time user of herbs and holistic approaches to dealing with illnesses and recovery. At one time I was on heavy narcotics for the chronic pain, about 25 years ago. I was in hospice dying of MS, but had a medical miraculous recovery and went on to a normal life for several years and started a serious study of alternative medicine. I had to stop medical marijuana and cbd that I was on, due to periodic problems with it, after utilizing this for over 20 years. It’s been difficult finding adequate symptom relief since I quit canabis four years ago. Since my first recovery from hospice, I have been equally as ill on four or five more relapses, and I just crashed again, after having almost excellent and normal function for the past year and a half , to recently since December, back in the wheelchair and the whole meltdown of stuff. But I won’t stay down forever. So to discover Kratom has been incredible in the recent past, to get me through. Kratom works well for me. Really well! I have never had this much success with anything all this time. I also have some history of hypertension that I think is tied to nervous system dysfunction and over activity. I’m doing well on Kratom, but mainly stick with red vein strains, and maybe a dose of green vein early in the day, and sometimes a mix of green and red in the daytime. There are some wonderful people and stories here and I wish you all so much love and happiness always. JL
@jlove thank you so incredibly much for your post, and introduction to your situation! MS is horrible! I have a couple of friends who are struggling with it! Interesting, as I am learning about holistic ways, as I was a serious science minded/ medical school ( ack big PHARMA) minded student for way too long! I'm very happy to hear that kratom is helping! It's helped several people who have MS, and the one extremely dear to me, won't have anything to do with it. " he takes his meds"... Truth be told, he started out as my psychologist, when I was in med school and had to take a leave of absence, and wasn't able to return. At that time, I still struggled against taking any meds, as I have never liked anything that messed with my head. So he always talked about alternatives... which I laughed at, and called "🙄snake oil" Boy, if he were doing better, he would NEVER let me live that down!!! I became very good friends with him, as I have a tendency to do, with my doctors, and its hard to watch his decline. I look forward to getting to know more about your area of expertise!